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Design Ideas for Landscaping Services in Leeds

We offer our domestic and commercial clients in Leeds with some design inspirations for renovating their gardens, as part of our complete landscaping services. These include installations for block paving, wood decking and fencing work, in addition to plants, flowers and trees for soft landscaping concepts. Our tree surgeon and landscaper will help to plan, design and fulfil your dream projects, making the grounds of your Leeds property to stand out with eye-catching aesthetics.


Garden Inspirations


1. Create Focal Features


To unify a garden design, our designer and tree surgeon will recommend an amalgamation of soft and hard landscaping features. Block paving can be laid once our groundworks team have prepared the surface. These installations can be used for pathways, patios and seating areas, which lead towards a focal feature. Decorative palisade fencing and wood decking can be incorporated into gazebos and pergolas. Leeds clients can also choose patterned block paving stones to surround an ornate water feature.


2. Blend Different Materials


Soft landscaping services, including an array of different coloured flowers plants and shrubs, can create attractive bedding and borders to separate block paving pathways, driveways and patios from lawns and wood decking. Wood, PVC, steel or aluminium fencing can be erected to match lounge area colour schemes, tying different materials together. This will complement the grounds of your Leeds property and help keep it looking tidy.


3. Include Break-Out Areas and Retreats


During the summer months, residents, guests and employees at your Leeds property can spend afternoon breaks in relaxing seating or break-out areas. Block paving and wood decking installations are perfect for reclining furniture and benches, which can be privatised by featherboard fencing, trellises, plants and trees. This can turn domestic and commercial gardens into intimate retreats in which to unwind.


4. Cover Up Unattractive Exteriors


If your Leeds property doesn’t necessarily have an appealing or welcoming edifice, our designer and tree surgeon can remedy this with natural landscaping services and cover-ups. Trees and bushes can be planted around the property exterior, as well as fencing and trellises which help to attract flowering vines, plants and trees.


5. Biodiversity in Your Woodland


For larger homes and commercial properties in Leeds with woodland areas, we can help to maintain healthy trees by planting new trees to increase the woodland biodiversity. Different ages and species will encourage a rich ecosystem, maintained by our expert tree surgeon. This will appeal to returning visitors at parks, hotels and resorts, which is a great USP for creating loyal client bases for businesses.


6. Add a Bit of Water


Our landscaping services can add water features, as well as unearthing the potential for ponds and swimming pools with our groundworks diggers. The sounds of the water and the reflections will enhance a tranquil atmosphere. Add a range of block paving stepping stones and wood decking around the water feature, in addition to fencing to provide a bit of privacy from the neighbours.


7. Choose a Contemporary Style


Home and business owners in Leeds can use installations to enhance gardens, blending different materials in a contemporary style. Block paving stones can be fitted in a wide range of patterns, which are available in various textures and hues. Fencing and wood decking can be painted in cool colour schemes to match outdoor furniture. The fencing panels reflect the clean defined lines found in modern interior design schemes, giving the impression of space and functionality.


For further advice from our expert designer and tree surgeon about ideas for your Leeds or North Yorkshire grounds, call 07842 735 630 or 01423 340 195.

T: 01423 340 195

M: 07842 735 630

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