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Bespoke Block Paving, Fencing and Wood Decking in Leeds

Based in Staverley, North Yorkshire, S J Landscapes and Trees is an independent, family-run business, with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. We undertake a wide range of landscaping services for domestic and commercial clients in the Leeds area, from block paving and fencing to wood decking and tree surgery. All installations, maintenance and groundworks are carried out by a qualified garden designer, landscaper and tree surgeon.


In this blog post, we look at some of the main advantages of professional landscaping.


Top 5 Benefits of Landscaping Services


1. Increases aesthetic appeal

Investing in quality landscaping is a sure way to increase the aesthetic appeal of your Leeds home or commercial property. The change can be as minor or major as you wish, whilst still having a beneficial result, whether it’s a block paving driveway lain to improve the entrance of your house or trees planted at your business to better draw in customers.


2. Tailored to you

Bespoke landscaping services such as those delivered by our garden designer, landscaper and tree surgeon in North Yorkshire, allow you to create a beautiful environment tailored to your needs and personal taste. From featherboard fencing to durable wood decking, we can transform your outdoor space using designs and materials tailored to you, that compliment your property and capture your vision.


3. Cost effective

Although there is an initial cost with any soft or hard landscaping work, whether it’s block paving, wood decking or fencing, customers in Leeds will be amazed at how competitive our prices are. Using are services for any type of landscaping is a worthwhile investment, as not only can we help increase the value of your property by adding kerb appeal, but clever landscaping techniques can even reduce the costs of your energy bills.


4. Better quality of life

Every tree surgeon, landscaper or garden designer in our team can tell you about the countless benefits of spending time outdoors, both for physical and mental health. There is substantial evidence proving that nature is a stress-relief and promotes a better quality of life. By improving the outdoor areas of your Leeds property, it encourages you and your family, or your employees and customers, to interact more with nature. Simply viewing trees through an office window is known to improve productivity in the work place.


5. Easier to maintain

Professional landscaping services can be used to make your exterior areas more manageable and easier to maintain. By introducing hard landscaping features such as block paving, fencing or wood decking, it reduces the need for watering, mowing or pruning, whilst also making your home garden or commercial grounds easier to traverse and more secure. By hiring our expert tree surgeon, trees can also be effectively managed or removed.


To find out more about our bespoke block paving, fencing, wood decking and other landscaping services in Leeds, call our tree surgeon and landscaper today on 07842 735 630.

T: 01423 340 195

M: 07842 735 630

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