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Benefit from the expertise of our professionals when you choose us for tree surgery and maintenance in Leeds, Harrogate, and Yorkshire. Our tree surgeons undertake a range of services in the local area, ensuring that troublesome trees are dealt with swiftly and effectively. Ground maintenance is also available, so get in touch with our experts today.

What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

A tree surgeon is a skilled arborist whose job it is to maintain the health of trees and plant life. If your property in Harrogate, Leeds, York, or North Yorkshire areas is blossoming with flora and fauna, a tree surgeon will ensure there is a perfect balance for a thriving ecosystem. Clients can rely on a tree surgeon’s health and safety training when it comes to larger landscaping services. Our team are competent in climbing trees, operating chainsaws, and aerial rescue.

Our Services

Surveys and Assessments

Tree Surgery - Surveys and Assessments

  • Initial Inspection - Our Tree Surgeon Will Visit Your Property to Examine the Grounds, Check the Conditions of the Plant Life, and to Discuss the Maintenance That Needs to Take Place

  • Follow-up Checks - Following Any Installations or Treatments, Our Tree Surgeon Will Schedule Regular Inspections to Preserve the Health of Your Woodland


Tree Surgery - Maintenance

  • Crown Reduction – Taller Trees May Need the Top Branches to Be Trimmed – This Can Add Mechanical Stress, Causing Trees to Overhang

  • Crown Thinning – Thicker Growth Will Be Thinned out without Removing More Than 30% of the Foliage – This Lets in More Sunlight for Properties Hidden in the Shade

  • Crown Lifting – This Involves the Removal of the Lower Branches Which Cannot Exceed 15% of the Crown Height

  • Coppicing – Our Tree Surgeon Expertly Cut the Branches at the Base of the Tree to Tidy up Its Appearance and Stimulate Further Growth

  • Pollarding – In Comparison to Coppicing, Pollarding Is When the Top of the Tree Is Trimmed to Allow Younger Trees to Grow Healthily While the Waste Can Be Used for Kindling


Tree Surgery - Removals

  • Tree Felling –Properties in the Local Area Can Benefit from Complete Tree Removals – We Offer Directional Tree Felling (Cutting down the Tree in One Go) or Sectional Tree Felling (Removing the Tree in Parts When There Isn’t Enough Space to Cut at the Base with a Chainsaw)

  • Stump Grinding – Existing Stumps or Remnants of Tree Felling Will Be Removed, Alleviating Obstacles on Your Grounds - This Is Also Important to Completely Remove Decayed Trees

  • Pesticide and Herbicide Treatments – A Tree Surgeon Will Use Chemical Sprays to Help Trees Which Have Become Infected and Hazardous before Felling Is Required – This Can Be the Result of Poisoned Roots from Rhododendrons

Planting New Trees

As part of our landscaping services in Harrogate, Leeds, York, and North Yorkshire, we plant new trees to improve the biodiversity of the tree ages and species in your woodland. Felled trees can also sprout saplings and these can be tended to.

Wood Management Plans

Commercial clients in the local area can implement an effective way to keep their grounds aesthetically appealing to customers. These areas are then environmentally friendly and energy efficient. UK Forestry Standard (UKFS)-approved woodland management plans ensure sustainable tree surgery is adhered to, improving the woodland and providing timber or waste materials as fuel.

Materials for Sale

Clients can purchase small amounts of hardwood logs, kiln-dried oak, firewood briquettes, and kindling. By buying this wood, you help us to recycle unwanted wood into energy-efficient fuel.

Got a Troublesome Tree?

For quality tree surgery and maintenance, rely on our team of experts.

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