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At S J Landscapes & Trees, we help customers in York and throughout the North Yorkshire region make the most out of their small outdoor space. Our experienced team installs block paving, wood decking, fencing and completes all other landscaping services, managing small garden projects from start to finish. However tiny a plot, with the help of our skilled garden designer, landscaper and tree surgeon, a beautiful and intimate garden can be created that meets all your needs.


In this blog post, we look at landscaping and garden ideas for terraced properties with small gardens.


Landscaping Services for Small Garden Spaces


York is well-known for its historical architecture, from York Minster to the Shambles there is an eclectic mix of architectural buildings winding throughout the city. Terraced houses, many of which were built in the Victorian era or earlier, are a regular site in York with around 28.8% of properties being a terraced house. The terrace style became a popular way to house workers and growing populations in the 19th century and as such, their close and uniform design often meant a small yard or garden space.


Today, owners of terraced properties across the city are finding innovative ways to make the most of their small garden plots, with the help of landscaping experts such as S J Landscapes & Trees. From installing new fencing and block paving to suppling wood decking and planting trees, we provide a wide range of professional landscaping services and have worked on a variety of terraced garden designs in York. With a certified tree surgeon, garden designer and many expert landscapers, our team has an unrivalled amount of experience and expertise in this area.


Terraced Garden Design Ideas



Multipurpose features – Features with multiple purposes, such as a block paving patio with an integrated BBQ or a concrete planter that also acts as a seat, are ideal for small gardens.


Fence shrubs and climbers – When you’re lacking in plant space, make use of garden walls or fencing that can be used for climbing plants, trellises and hanging pots.


Mix your textures – Many terraced gardens still retain a yard-like feel, often lacking in greenery. Our tree surgeon and landscaper can help you find the perfect combination of hard and soft landscaping features to create texture.


Make use of garden pots – Garden pots are a great way to incorporate flowers and plants into a small space, and are ideal for York clients looking for low-maintenance options.


Allow light to enter – It can often be difficult to get a lot light into a terraced garden, but with the help of our tree surgeon and landscaping services, we can help.

Brighten up the space – Using bright colours or white does wonders for making a small garden feel more spacious. Consider painting your fencing white, adding brightly coloured furniture or picking wood decking in light shades.


For more inspirational garden design ideas, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We offer free expert advice and no-obligation estimates on everything from block paving and wood decking installations to fencing and tree surgery work.


Looking to transform a small garden space in York? Call our tree surgeon and landscaper today on 07842 735 630 or 01423 340 195, for advice and tailored landscaping services.

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